Denny Blaine Rep Santos Lambasted by Seattle Times

Denny BlaineA Seattle Times editorial lambasts Denny Blaine’s State House Representative Sharon Tomiko Santos (Democrat) while praising Denny Blaine’s State House Representative Eric Pettigrew (Democrat) for their stances on how to fix the state’s school system.  The Seattle Times editorial said Santos along with her counterpart in the State Senate blocked even a vote on educational reform involving both teacher evaluations and charter schools.

In stopping the votes, Santos was at odds with Pettigrew who shares her Seattle district which includes Denny Blaine and the Seattle neighborhoods to the south.  Pettigrew wrote a bill to add limited charter schools to the state, but it never came up for a vote even after Pettigrew spoke at a house hearing about his academic struggles while growing up with a single parent and going to school in South Central L.A.

If you have an opinion on this matter, you can click on the links above to either Santos’ or Pettigrew’s bios.  Once on either of their bios you can click “email” and after adding your address you can contact your Representative.  If you check the box on your email then it will go to all three of your State Representatives.

Negligent-Driving Plea by Denny Blaine State Representative

Police TicketState Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos, who represents the 37th district which includes Denny Blaine, plead guilty to a negligent-driving charge that came from a drinking and driving arrest last summer.  Long story short, she was pulled over because she was drifting between lanes, the officer smelled liquor, and gave her a breathalyzer test.  Santos initially only blew a .077 which is under the .08 limit, but was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.  Santos was tested again at the station and there was an issue whether she was blowing hard enough.  After given three chances, the police determined that she refused the test which is disputed by Rep. Santos.

The arrest went unnoticed for months and did not come up during elections, but it probably did not change any results since she ran unopposed and thus was obviously easily re-elected by Denny Blaine and the surrounding area.  She has been a Representative since 1998.