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Sold by Kristine Losh in 14 days

3 Active Avg. 140 days

3 Pending Avg. 206 days

4 Sold by Competitors Avg. 116 days

3 Sold by Ewing and Clark Avg. 10 days

Denny Blaine

Sold by Kristine Losh in 8 days

In 2017 Ewing and Clark sold 3 of 7 Denny Blaine homes in a fraction of the time than our competitors!

Sold By Jane Powers and Betsy Losh in 9 days


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Denny Blaine “Seattle, Post Grunge”

Kurt Cobain

Unkown Fan Unofficially Renames Park: Kurt's Park

It only took me two months to discover it, put the New York Times created a slideshow called “Seattle, Post Grunge” this past September.  In the 7 picture slideshow, Denny Blaine was featured twice with a photo of the Viretta Park bench which is a makeshift memorial to Kurt Cobain and another picture of Kurt Cobain’s Denny Blaine home where he lost his life.

Emaciated Dog Rescued From Denny Blaine Park Ready For A Home

Emaciated DogThe emaciated dog that was found in February at Denny Blaine Park by a UPS driver is ready for a new home.   The dog has since been renamed Stanley and has gained his health back.  Stanley who was originally taken to the Seattle Animal Shelter has most recently been at a foster home where he loves playing with the other dog in the house as well as resting his head on his foster carer’s lap.  Stanley does well on his leash, is crate trained, and is quiet.  If you are interested in adopting Stanley, you can either at his profile on Petfinder which includes pictures, contact email and more, or call the Seattle Animal Shelter directly at 206-386-4294.

Stanley has come a long way since being found at Denny Blaine Park, now he just needs a home.

Kurt Cobain Statute Unveiled at Park

Kurt CobainTuesday, April 5th was the 17th anniversary of Kurt Cobain‘s death and to honor him a statute of a guitar was unveiled at a local park….in Aberdeen, WA.  When I first saw the headline I assumed the statute was erected at Denny Blaine’s Viretta Park where fans have gather year-round to celebrate the life of Cobain.  This Seattle park is near Cobain’s Denny Blaine home where he took his life in 1994.  No official remembrance is at Viretta Park despite fan’s wishes for one.

The Kurt Cobain statute that was just unveiled is along the river in Aberdeen near the Young Street Bridge where it is said Cobain used to hang out.

Kurt Cobain Remembered Unofficially in Denny Blaine

Kurt Cobain

Unkown Fan Unofficially Renames Park: Kurt's Park

Viretta Park, in the Denny Blaine neighborhood of Seattle, has been the location where fans have gather year-round to celebrate the late Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana, since his death in 1994.  Cobain and his family lived in a home on Lake Washington Blvd., the same house where the singer committed suicide in the garage.   An article was published recently in the Seattle Times about the number of fans across the country that come to see the home and pay tribute by gathering only yards away at Viretta Park on Cobain’s birthday (February 20th).  This year, the Viretta Park Repair and Seattle Green Partnership groups were cleaning up the park that day, and expressed hope for a permanent memorial at the park.  However, some surrounding residents counter that Cobain was a short-time resident and his time spent in Denny Blaine were not his brightest of day.  While those neighbors’ sentiments could be understood, particularly since the small neighborhood park has no parking and surrounded by homes, it does make sense to have some formal recognition since the park bench has become the unofficial memorial where fans visit despite any formal acknowledgment to Kurt Cobain’s life and achievements.  Cobain and Nirvana, truly represents the popular grunge era in the 90’s, and, like it or not, will always traced back to Seattle, Denny Blaine and Viretta Park.  In this case, build it or not, they will come.