Restaurants & Shops

Denny Blaine is purely a residential neighborhood.   The neighborhood only has single family homes and no commercial district nor multi-family housing.  While Denny Blaine has no restaurants or shops, Denny Blaine is only about a 10 minute drive to Downtown Seattle and all it has to offer.  In addition, Denny Blaine is surrounded by the Seattle neighborhoods of Madison Park (on the other side of Washington Park, another residential neighborhood), Madrona, and Leschi – all of which have small town-like commercial districts that Denny Blaine residents can enjoy.

Madison Park

The largest of the three neighborhood commercial areas near Denny Blaine is Madison Park.  Madison Park is just over one mile from Denny Blaine.  Madison Park features about 60 businesses stretching three blocks on East Madison starting at McGilvra Boulevard ending at the dock at Lake Washington where Seattle residents once took ferries to the Eastside before the floating bridge was built.  The Madison Park restaurants include such places as Starbucks Cafe, Mad Pizza, Park Place Deli, Cactus, and The Attic.  Shops include toy store Red Wagon, Pharmaca (pharmacy), Madison Park Jewelry, Madison Park Hardware, and Bert’s Red Apple Market (small grocery store).  And this does not mention the service business including four banks: Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, and Key, the numerous beauty saloons, real estate companies (ex. Ewing & Clark), dentists, etc.  Click link to read more about Madison Park’s restaurants and shops.


Madrona Business District

34th & Union - Looking North

The Madrona business district is about 3/4 of a mile from Denny Blaine. The heart of the business district is located at the intersection of 34th and Union and basically forms a “T” with the business stretching one block north, one block south, and one block west.  Even though the business district footprint is three blocks, it is small when compared to Madison Park.  Yet the Madrona business district is very active with numerous restaurants and shops. There are approximately ten restaurants / food establishments within a block of 34th and Union. In addition, there are numerous shops and businesses including a corner market, pilates studio, barber, dry cleaner, laundry mat, jeweler, home decor store, doggie daycare, children’s boutique, plus other businesses including the home of the world famous Glassybaby.  Click link to read more about Madrona restaurants and shops.


Leschi business district is the smallest of three neighborhoods and is almost one and a half miles from Denny Blaine.  Leschi is the smallest of the three business districts, but probably takes the best advantage of Lake Washington stretching a long block along the lake.  At one corner of the business district is Daniel’s restaurant and at the other is Blue Water Bistro.  In addition, there are several other shops including Starbucks and Leschi Food Mart which is well known for its butcher.

All three neighborhood business districts give Denny Blaine plenty of options, even if Denny Blaine is “just” a residential neighborhood.