Local Parks

Denny Blaine features several small park including Denny Blaine Park, Denny Blaine Lake Park, Viretta Park, Howell Park, and Stevens Triangle.  Stevens Triangle is a very small park a block away from Denny Blaine Lake Park that is not much more than a set of stairs through a small triangular lot not large enough to build even a modest home on.  Howell Park is a small beach at the street end of Howell Place.  Below is a description of the other three parks:

Denny Blaine Park (map)

Denny Blaine Park is found on the shores of Lake Washington just south of where Lake Washington Boulevard meets McGilvra Blvd East.  The park consists of two distinct areas.  There is a grass area that gently slopes down from Lake Washington Boulevard and is encircled by the street aptly named E Denny Blaine Place.  At the bottom of E Denny Blaine Place there is an area to park your car behind which is a short stone wall beyond which is a small grass area and another wall beyond which is a small beach (no life guards).  The second wall was a seawall back in the early 1900 before Lake Washington was lowered when the Lake Washington Ship Canal connect Lake Washington with the Puget Sound and lowered the lake 9 feet.

Denny Blaine Lake Park (map)

Denny Blaine Lake Park

Denny Blaine Lake Park

Denny Blaine Lake Park

Denny Blaine Lake Park

Denny Blaine Lake Park is a small park (approximately 0.19 acres) found along the arterial where East Denny Way morphs into Madrona Drive.  Despite the name, Denny Blaine Lake Park is not on a lake.  It is the original spot of the real estate office of C.L. Denny and E.F. Blaine.  In 1901, they named their subdivision Denny-Blaine Lake Park and constructed their realty office along side the cable line that the adjacent developers of the Madrona neighborhood had previously built.  In addition to their real estate office,they created Denny Blaine Lake Park so people had a place to enjoy and picnic while they waited for the trolley that lead down the hill to Lake Washington.  Today, the waiting area is still used to wait for the #2 Metro bus and children enjoy “The Duck Pond” where one can find ducks swimming among the lily pads.  Surrounding the pond is small grass area.

Viretta Park (map)

Viretta Park

Lower Viretta Park – Picture taken from stairs

Viretta Park was named for C.L. Denny’s wife, Viretta Jackson Denny, who was also the daughter of Andrew Jackson, the 7th United States President.  The park is just south of Denny Blaine Park on the opposite side of Lake Washington Boulevard.  The park consists of two grassy areas connected by a stairway, one area is accessible from 39th Avenue and the second from Lake Washington Boulevard.  The park is very close to the famous singer Kurt Cobain’s former home.  The park is used by some as a memorial to the singer with some referring to the park as Kurt’s Park.