Feedback on Denny Blaine’s Dorffel Drive Traffic Study

Dorfell DriveBy now many neighbors in the Denny Blaine and the surrounding neighborhoods are aware of the six-week traffic study that was conducted by the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) on Dorffel Drive, which closed the eastbound lanes at the intersection of Lake Washington Boulevard East and 37th Avenue East (closure located where pickup truck is in picture). In response to concerns from Bush School students and parents, who identified the intersection as being a dangerous one for pedestrians and bicycles, and from Dorffel Drive residents who have seen increased traffic on the street, SDOT agreed to implement the temporary lane closure to test whether it would cut down on through traffic.

The study wrapped up on October 6, and so far response from neighbors has not been positive, citing decreased access to other parts of the neighborhood, and a confusing and dangerous situation for drivers who were not expecting the road blockage. Give SDOT your feedback on this issue by filling out this online form, or by commenting directly on SDOT’s Facebook page.

Car Stolen In Leschi with Dog In Car

Emaciated DogThere was a notice on Madrona Moms and now a concerned friend of the owner has contacted me through the blog.  A car was stolen this past weekend out front of a Leschi home with the owner’s dog in the car.  Please keep an eye out for the missing car and especially their dog:

greetings- i am writing this for a friend whose was in the leschi neighborhood last weekend and her 98 subaru impreza (black) was stolen sat night with her beloved dog maddy inside. maddy is an older rott/lab mix, black and tan, very shy around 70 lbs, the subaru has 2 bumper stickers on the back fender, 1) i heart the chugach and 2) have you dug wall drug. lost and found on craigslists has pics and seattle police have been notified, komo and rakio stations. anything you can do would be greatly appreciated.

Contact the Seattle Police if you find either the missing car or dog.  Click link to see pictures and further information.

Denny Blaine Thief Caught Online

Seattle PoliceThieves recently (August 3rd) stole a car from the 100 block of Dorffel Drive East in Denny Blaine.  When they stole the car the robbers also got the contents in the car including an outboard motor.  Just 30 minutes later the car was back, but without the outboard motor.

The owner surfed the net and two days later found an outboard motor for sale on Craigslist.  The Denny Blaine resident contacted Seattle Police.  The police posed as potential buyers and met two men where an arrest was made of a 28 year old man and a second man (35 years old) was questioned bu released.

Denny Blaine Break In

Seattle PoliceThere was an attempted robbery recently in a Denny Blaine home over by Bush School.  The break in attempt is believed to have happened around 2 PM.  Nothing was taken.  The best guess is the robber was scared away by the activity of a plumber installing an appliance in one of the neighbor’s home.

The break in sounds familiar to other break ins in the surrounding neighborhoods – since it happened midday and the entry point was the back door.  Call 911 if you see anything suspicious – better to be safe than sorry.


Denny Blaine Drivers Beware: Sinkhole on 32nd and E Harrison

I would call it a pothole, but that would not be doing it justice.  I have seen potholes on the Seattle streets and this is much more: a sinkhole.  If you have been driving to or from Madrona or Denny Blaine the last month or so, I know you know what I am talking about: the sinkhole on 32nd and Harrison.  There has been a barrier covering the hole at the four way stop for at least a month, but no action was taken until earlier this week.  Blacktop was added to smooth the street, but the work is not done.  I am glad to see that they left a hole in the middle of the blacktop.  I am not an engineer, but I imagine the City of Seattle is going to have to pour a lot of gravel in there to support the street – at least to make me feel comfortable to drive there.

So hopefully the next time you head to Denny Blaine or Madrona, the barriers will be gone and the street will be repaired.  But if this past month is an indicator, I would not hold your breath.