Bike Lane Added to Madrona Drive to 34th Avenue

East Denny WayIf you been driving around Madrona along 34th Avenue, East Denny, and/or Madrona Drive you have noticed the temporary markings for the new bicycle lanes.  Well, Seattle Department of Transportation have the new permanent markings for the lanes on the streets now.  It looks pretty good, but I would not want to open my driver’s side door if I was parked on the east-side of the street where 34th Avenue meet East Denny Way – it is tight and there is little visibility.  Nevertheless, bicycles will now have more room whether traveling from Madrona, Denny Blaine or Leschi when coming up the steep hill on Madrona Drive, along East Denny, and up the incline on 34th Avenue until they get to Pike Street and the Madrona Business District.

Construction on East Harrison Closes Street for Summer

Last week, Seattle Public Utilities began construction  of local sewers and storm water improvements and work will close a section of Harrison Street between 30th and 31st off for the next several months. Harrison which is the street that runs along the south side of Bush is favorite street for Denny Blaine residents to take home.  Given the extent of the construction that is needed, work is scheduled to be completed in October, and work hours are scheduled typically between 7:30am-6:00pm, Mon-Fri.  Traffic will be detoured off of E. Harrison St between 30th and 31st for the duration of the construction work. Pedestrian access will be permitted during construction, please be aware of the traffic congestion this may cause for the duration of the summer!

Construction will include a 35,000 gallon underground storm water storage tank and a new 18″ combined sewer pipeline on East Harrison Street between 30th and 31st Avenue East. This work will greatly reduce the potential for sewer backups and storm water flooding along 31st between E. John St and E. Republican St, an area experiencing heavy problems.

Rumor: Obama to Visit Madrona / Denny Blaine

Obama SeattleRumor is that President Barack Obama is attending a political fundraiser (reportedly raising $17,000 per person) this weekend in the Madrona / Denny Blaine area.  While I am not sure about the date, the Seattle Times reported earlier this month that Obama was to be in Seattle on May 10th.  Thus don’t be surprised if you catch a glimpse or see evidence of the president in Madrona / Denny Blaine this weekend or in the coming weeks.

This will not be the first time Obama has visited Madrona / Denny Blaine.  Central District News had a blog, complete with pictures, about Obama’s visit to the our local Seattle neighborhoods in 2010.

Denny Blaine Drivers Beware: Sinkhole on 32nd and E Harrison

I would call it a pothole, but that would not be doing it justice.  I have seen potholes on the Seattle streets and this is much more: a sinkhole.  If you have been driving to or from Madrona or Denny Blaine the last month or so, I know you know what I am talking about: the sinkhole on 32nd and Harrison.  There has been a barrier covering the hole at the four way stop for at least a month, but no action was taken until earlier this week.  Blacktop was added to smooth the street, but the work is not done.  I am glad to see that they left a hole in the middle of the blacktop.  I am not an engineer, but I imagine the City of Seattle is going to have to pour a lot of gravel in there to support the street – at least to make me feel comfortable to drive there.

So hopefully the next time you head to Denny Blaine or Madrona, the barriers will be gone and the street will be repaired.  But if this past month is an indicator, I would not hold your breath.