Metro Bus Service to Denny Blaine May Change

Metro BusMetro is considering changing a bunch of bus routes including the #2 which services Denny Blaine.  The suggested change is to have the #2 still travel to Denny Blaine, but it would only go to Downtown Seattle and back.  No longer would the service head to Queen Anne or Belltown before heading back to Denny Blaine.  The main problem I see is the #2 used to access all of Downtown Seattle; the proposed bus line would only go as far north as Madison before heading back to Denny Blaine, giving little access to the rest of Downtown.

If you are concerned, you should take the Metro survey.  The changes are planned for September 2012, but the wheels (on the bus) are already turning so you better speak now.

Click to learn more about the proposed Metro route changes, including those that will affect the Denny Blaine neighborhood.

Denny Blaine Thief Caught Online

Seattle PoliceThieves recently (August 3rd) stole a car from the 100 block of Dorffel Drive East in Denny Blaine.  When they stole the car the robbers also got the contents in the car including an outboard motor.  Just 30 minutes later the car was back, but without the outboard motor.

The owner surfed the net and two days later found an outboard motor for sale on Craigslist.  The Denny Blaine resident contacted Seattle Police.  The police posed as potential buyers and met two men where an arrest was made of a 28 year old man and a second man (35 years old) was questioned bu released.

Street Construction Near Denny Blaine

Denny BlaineAt the end of he month (July 30th & 31st) the Seattle Department of Transportation has scheduled street construction that will affect Denny Blaine.  The plan is to do major arterial maintenance on 34th Avenue between Pike and Denny.  The street and sidewalk will be partially closed during construction and parking will be limited.  Thus despite the roadwork, 34th Avenue can be used to access Denny Blaine.

Molly Moon’s Just Minutes Away from Denny Blaine

Molly MoonsMolly Moon’s opened this past Tuesday just up the hill from Denny Blaine in the Madrona Business District.  The initial plan is for the store to be open 7 days a week from noon to 11 PM daily.  I have previously written about Molly Moon’s opening their new micro-store in Madrona, but I saw them working on the storefront last week and took this photo.  In fact, Molly Moon, the owner, was there checking on the progress of the construction and is in the photo.

The new Molly Moon’s is a different concept.  They are NOT selling ice cream cones, but they do have their famous ice cream prepackage ready to eat and specialty treats which they do not offer anywhere else.  Take a trip up the hill from Denny Blaine and check out the new micro-store and enjoy an ice cream while you are there.

Emaciated Dog Rescued From Denny Blaine Park Ready For A Home

Emaciated DogThe emaciated dog that was found in February at Denny Blaine Park by a UPS driver is ready for a new home.   The dog has since been renamed Stanley and has gained his health back.  Stanley who was originally taken to the Seattle Animal Shelter has most recently been at a foster home where he loves playing with the other dog in the house as well as resting his head on his foster carer’s lap.  Stanley does well on his leash, is crate trained, and is quiet.  If you are interested in adopting Stanley, you can either at his profile on Petfinder which includes pictures, contact email and more, or call the Seattle Animal Shelter directly at 206-386-4294.

Stanley has come a long way since being found at Denny Blaine Park, now he just needs a home.