Car Stolen In Leschi with Dog In Car

Emaciated DogThere was a notice on Madrona Moms and now a concerned friend of the owner has contacted me through the blog.  A car was stolen this past weekend out front of a Leschi home with the owner’s dog in the car.  Please keep an eye out for the missing car and especially their dog:

greetings- i am writing this for a friend whose was in the leschi neighborhood last weekend and her 98 subaru impreza (black) was stolen sat night with her beloved dog maddy inside. maddy is an older rott/lab mix, black and tan, very shy around 70 lbs, the subaru has 2 bumper stickers on the back fender, 1) i heart the chugach and 2) have you dug wall drug. lost and found on craigslists has pics and seattle police have been notified, komo and rakio stations. anything you can do would be greatly appreciated.

Contact the Seattle Police if you find either the missing car or dog.  Click link to see pictures and further information.