Molly Moon’s Just Minutes Away from Denny Blaine

Molly MoonsMolly Moon’s opened this past Tuesday just up the hill from Denny Blaine in the Madrona Business District.  The initial plan is for the store to be open 7 days a week from noon to 11 PM daily.  I have previously written about Molly Moon’s opening their new micro-store in Madrona, but I saw them working on the storefront last week and took this photo.  In fact, Molly Moon, the owner, was there checking on the progress of the construction and is in the photo.

The new Molly Moon’s is a different concept.  They are NOT selling ice cream cones, but they do have their famous ice cream prepackage ready to eat and specialty treats which they do not offer anywhere else.  Take a trip up the hill from Denny Blaine and check out the new micro-store and enjoy an ice cream while you are there.