Emaciated Dog Rescued From Denny Blaine Park Ready For A Home

Emaciated DogThe emaciated dog that was found in February at Denny Blaine Park by a UPS driver is ready for a new home.   The dog has since been renamed Stanley and has gained his health back.  Stanley who was originally taken to the Seattle Animal Shelter has most recently been at a foster home where he loves playing with the other dog in the house as well as resting his head on his foster carer’s lap.  Stanley does well on his leash, is crate trained, and is quiet.  If you are interested in adopting Stanley, you can either at his profile on Petfinder which includes pictures, contact email and more, or call the Seattle Animal Shelter directly at 206-386-4294.

Stanley has come a long way since being found at Denny Blaine Park, now he just needs a home.

Kurt Cobain Statute Unveiled at Park

Kurt CobainTuesday, April 5th was the 17th anniversary of Kurt Cobain‘s death and to honor him a statute of a guitar was unveiled at a local park….in Aberdeen, WA.  When I first saw the headline I assumed the statute was erected at Denny Blaine’s Viretta Park where fans have gather year-round to celebrate the life of Cobain.  This Seattle park is near Cobain’s Denny Blaine home where he took his life in 1994.  No official remembrance is at Viretta Park despite fan’s wishes for one.

The Kurt Cobain statute that was just unveiled is along the river in Aberdeen near the Young Street Bridge where it is said Cobain used to hang out.

Update on Denny Blaine Homes

Denny Blaine HomeLess than a month ago I blogged about two Denny Blaine homes and already there has been some updates.

After the $1 million price drop, this Denny Blaine waterfront home is pending inspection.

After blogging about this Denny Blaine home, the price was reduced to $879,000.  At the time of my earlier blog this home was the only home in the neighborhood under a million dollars; now there are three homes in Denny Blaine in this price range.