Kurt Cobain Remembered Unofficially in Denny Blaine

Kurt Cobain

Unkown Fan Unofficially Renames Park: Kurt's Park

Viretta Park, in the Denny Blaine neighborhood of Seattle, has been the location where fans have gather year-round to celebrate the late Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana, since his death in 1994.  Cobain and his family lived in a home on Lake Washington Blvd., the same house where the singer committed suicide in the garage.   An article was published recently in the Seattle Times about the number of fans across the country that come to see the home and pay tribute by gathering only yards away at Viretta Park on Cobain’s birthday (February 20th).  This year, the Viretta Park Repair and Seattle Green Partnership groups were cleaning up the park that day, and expressed hope for a permanent memorial at the park.  However, some surrounding residents counter that Cobain was a short-time resident and his time spent in Denny Blaine were not his brightest of day.  While those neighbors’ sentiments could be understood, particularly since the small neighborhood park has no parking and surrounded by homes, it does make sense to have some formal recognition since the park bench has become the unofficial memorial where fans visit despite any formal acknowledgment to Kurt Cobain’s life and achievements.  Cobain and Nirvana, truly represents the popular grunge era in the 90’s, and, like it or not, will always traced back to Seattle, Denny Blaine and Viretta Park.  In this case, build it or not, they will come.

Got Toys? Red Wagon in Madison Park Does

Red Wagon Madison ParkDenny Blaine does not have a commercial district, but it is surrounded by neighborhoods that do.  If you are looking for toys for your kids, their friends, or your grandchildren, you used to have several options surrounding Denny Blaine.  That was before Two Owls and Precocious, both in Madrona, closed.  Luckily, Red Wagon Toys in Madison Park is still in business to the delight of parents and children alike.  The store is very organized, with a surprisingly large selection of toys, and a very helpful staff that is exceptionally helpful in suggesting gifts for all ages whether for a boy or a girl.

Red Wagon Toys
4218B E. Madison St.
Seattle, WA 98112
(206) 453-5306

Denny Blaine Reduces Waste and Wins A New Playground

recycle SeattleThe Arboretum is getting a new playground thanks to $50,000 prize won by the greater local area, including all or parts of Capitol Hill, First Hill, Madison Park, Madison Valley, Madrona, Denny Blaine and Montlake neighborhoods.  The competition was for reduction of not only garbage, but recycling and yard waste.  The waste-reduction contest was sponsored by CleanScape who collects waste for 60,000 residents in Seattle, including Denny Blaine.

The competition is running again this year and ends this Fall.  To learn more about the competition or ideas how to reduce waste go to CleanScape’s website.  Currently, the neighborhoods in the northeast Seattle are leading this year’s competition.