Denny Blaine Drivers Beware: Sinkhole on 32nd and E Harrison

I would call it a pothole, but that would not be doing it justice.  I have seen potholes on the Seattle streets and this is much more: a sinkhole.  If you have been driving to or from Madrona or Denny Blaine the last month or so, I know you know what I am talking about: the sinkhole on 32nd and Harrison.  There has been a barrier covering the hole at the four way stop for at least a month, but no action was taken until earlier this week.  Blacktop was added to smooth the street, but the work is not done.  I am glad to see that they left a hole in the middle of the blacktop.  I am not an engineer, but I imagine the City of Seattle is going to have to pour a lot of gravel in there to support the street – at least to make me feel comfortable to drive there.

So hopefully the next time you head to Denny Blaine or Madrona, the barriers will be gone and the street will be repaired.  But if this past month is an indicator, I would not hold your breath.

Negligent-Driving Plea by Denny Blaine State Representative

Police TicketState Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos, who represents the 37th district which includes Denny Blaine, plead guilty to a negligent-driving charge that came from a drinking and driving arrest last summer.  Long story short, she was pulled over because she was drifting between lanes, the officer smelled liquor, and gave her a breathalyzer test.  Santos initially only blew a .077 which is under the .08 limit, but was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.  Santos was tested again at the station and there was an issue whether she was blowing hard enough.  After given three chances, the police determined that she refused the test which is disputed by Rep. Santos.

The arrest went unnoticed for months and did not come up during elections, but it probably did not change any results since she ran unopposed and thus was obviously easily re-elected by Denny Blaine and the surrounding area.  She has been a Representative since 1998.

Denny Blaine Home Sales 2010

Denny Blaine Seattle

Denny Blaine Sold 2010 - List Price $1,475,000

Real estate in Denny Blaine is some of the most sought
after in Seattle. In 2010, 17 homes sold in Denny Blaine with an
average sales price of nearly $1.925 million. The highest sale was listed by Ewing & Clark and was last listed for $9.5 million before it sold. It was reported to be the highest non-waterfront sale in Seattle for 2010 at the time of the sale. The lowest sales price of a home in Denny Blaine was $550,000 in 2010. While the sales prices in Denny Blaine were relatively high compared to other Seattle neighborhoods, the sales were not record setting for Denny Blaine. In the past several years some Denny Blaine waterfront homes sold for over $10 million. The 2010 sales numbers were courtesy of the Northwest Multiple although the statistics were not compiled or published by Northwest Multiple Listing Service.